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What is the Box Of Brand?

The Box Of Brand contains key tools for entrepreneurs and designers who need to build a brand for their idea.

Branding is a fabulous thing, unfortunately, most startups without funding can’t afford fancy consultants and designers to take their idea to a branded product. Typically, startups are strapped for cash. The Box Of Brand is an affordable way to ticking all the boxes when turning your idea into a brand with strategy. Our box helps you and other founders pinpoint powerful and long-term visions about your idea.

How does it work?

This box will help you facilitate a set of three workshops for you and your co-founders. This Box Of Brand is an easy way of creating a brand for your idea in just three workshops. These workshops will take you from a concept idea to an initial and basic brand strategy.

What’s in the Box of Brand?

The Box Of Brand contains all the tools needed to develop a foundation for brand strategy, including:

  1. HOW-TO brand book – our bible creating a brand’s foundation.
  2. Player cards – a card for each user to fill out as they build their brand.
  3. Buzzcards – 2 decks of cards, one per person, used throughout the game.

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