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Our Process

We want you to understand the journey we’ll take you on. The process was formed from evolutionary development and experience with existing clients over the past two years. We continue to develop the process to make sure its relevant and adaptable. We use this process to really make sure you get add value to your business through your brand.

Brand design process

Meet us.

Whether we meet you in person or online it’s important we have a deep and valuable conversation about what it is you need and how we can help. If you’re local, we’ll treat you to a brew! At this point, we can help with:

  • Getting to know each other, both on a personal and business level.
  • Find out about your brand, your current situation, and strategies.
  • If you’re starting fresh, we can help with idea generation.
  • Discover how we design a brand and the process we’ll take you.
  • Whether we’re compatible to complete the work you need doing.
Brand design process

Meet the teams.

At this point, it is most beneficial for our team to meet you and your team. We will need to speak to the people who have the biggest influence over your brand and honest representatives of your doings.

  • Get to know our team and our roles.
  • Let us get to know your team.
  • Help us understand your vision and your strategies.
  • Consider how current your brand and vision is and how it is applied.
Brand design process

Get stuck in.

Once everyone has met everyone, the fun starts and we can begin to design a brand. We’ll begin by running workshops with your teams to help identify what you and your brand are about. Here, we’ll research your business and discover the past, present, and future of your brand.

  • Begin the self-discovery process.
  • Add value to your brand through interactive workshops.
  • Evaluate your personal traits and discover your brand archetypes.
Brand design process

Create philosophy.

We think this stage is one of the most important in the whole process. Here, we’ll truly create your brand in its newest form. Using the research from stage 3, we will ensure that your new brand is as accurately defined as possible.

  • Use findings to position you in the market.
  • Identify your brand for both internal teams and external markets.
  • Structure your brand for a simple and manageable approach.
Ensuring quality with brand

Ensure quality.

Once we’ve identified the brand’s philosophy we need to evaluate its use and feedback from your teams. This way we can observe your adoption and make sure that your philosophy is really what you stand for.

  • Justify your brand’s positioning.
  • Fortify your business values.
  • Appreciate and develop from your team’s understanding.
Replacing your brand


If you’ve worked with us before, we can typically jump straight from this point. If you haven’t, we will help you implement your brand philosophy. This may include refreshing your brand’s visual assets and assisting with the adoption of your values into your business culture and processes.

  • Create visual assets for your brand.
  • Work out the best ways to use your brand and its identity.
  • Begin to present your brand’s identity both internally and externally.
Brand design process

Embedding the brand.

Now we’ve implemented your brand philosophy, we can begin to embed the new brand in your strategies and business plans.

  • Work with us to embed your brand with your business strategies.
  • Market your business in ways that represent your brand.
  • Integrate your digital and online strategies with your brand.
Brand design process

Watch it work.

Everything is in place, set ready and going. It’s definitely not the time to stop but it is the time to observe. We’ll continue to work with you to ensure the new strategies are adopted properly and help manage your brand as your business grows. This is a time to reflect upon the process and watch your business closely as it performs in a new light.